Jurek Ferleger

                           Turbine Specialist/Consultant


Phone:               (321) 277-8269



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Advanced Turbomachine, LLC makes use of a highly talented staff, with extensive experience in the turbomachinery industry.  When specialized expertise is required, we provide services through a network of world class affiliates.  Affiliates that work with Advanced Turbomachine, LLC have met very strict requirements for technical expertise, industry experience, and high quality work.




                           Matt Tremmel

                           ProAero Technology


                           CFD Specialists

                           Turn-Key CFD

                           3-D CFD Solutions


Phone/Fax:       (407) 563-1261

                           Sean Franklin


                           Stress/Vibrations Specialist

                           Modal Testing

                           Rap Testing


Phone/Fax:       (585) 593-6046

                           Brian Franklin

                           UHV Engineering & Associates


                           Vacuum systems for research

                                    thin film sciences

                           Design and Fabrication


                           648 Wapello St.

                           Altadena, CA  91001


Phone:               (626) 484-8208

E-mail:               info@ProAeroTechnology.com

Web:                  www.ProAeroTechnology.com

E-mail:               Sean@ModalTest.net

Web:                  www.ModalTest.net

E-mail:               jferleger@yahoo.com




“Experience with Torsional Vibration at a 600 MW TG Unit”; EPRI Turbine Generator User’s Group Meeting; Chicago, IL; August, 2014

E-mail:               bfranklin@uhvengineering.com

Web:                  www.uhvengineering.com