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l Laser mirror coating process particulate separator


l Expander design


l Solar-mechanical power system


l Gas turbine power turbine design


l Steam turbine aero design and analysis


l Compressor stability improvement

Ongoing Work...

l Design system development


l Research into radial turbine erosion


l Plant performance analysis

Previous Work...

Courses Presented...

l Gas/water/oil separator design


l Geo-thermal turbine re-rate


l Turbo-expander thrust balance

l Profitable Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance


l Steam Turbine Applications, Upgrades, and Modifications


l Steam Turbine Design – Fundamentals


l Turbine Aerodynamic Design – Low Pressure Reaction Stages


l Steam Turbine Design Diversity


l Turbomachinery, Principles and Design

Papers Published...

l “Curtis Stage Nozzle/Rotor Interaction and the Effect on Stage   

     Performance”; Stephen Rashid, Matthew Tremmel,

      John Waggott, Randall Moll, P.E.;

      Presented at Turbo Expo ‘06 in Barcelona, Spain (GT2006-91115);       Journal of Turbomachinery; July, 2007; TURBO-06-1008.


l “Older Turbine-Generators; Maintaining, Modernizing, Purchasing

      New Units”; Jurek Ferleger, Stephen Rashid;

      Presented at the EPRI 10th Turbine-Generator Workshop;

      Phoenix, AZ; August 13, 2007.


l “A Look Ahead at Operational Decisions on a Steam Turbine”;

      Jurek Ferleger, Stephen Rashid;

      Presented at EPRI Winter 2008 Technical Workshop & TGUG

      Meeting and Vendor Expo; San Diego, CA; January 22, 2008.