Stephen S. Rashid graduated from the Glenn L. Martin Institute of Technology of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (December, 1982). 


Upon graduation, Mr. Rashid accepted a position at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Commercial Products Division in East Hartford, Connecticut.  As a member of the Compressor Group, Mr. Rashid was responsible for the test data acquisition and analysis of the NASA Energy Efficiency Engine high pressure compressor final build.  He spent five years in support of the company’s Advanced Engine Programs, where he conducted preliminary design and feasibility studies on the PW6000, the Advanced Ducted Propulsor, the Propfan demonstrator, growth versions of the JT-8D, and numerous power generation adaptations of flight engines.  Mr. Rashid’s production engine experience included designing components for the compression systems of the PW4168,  PW4084, and I.A.E. V2500.  Of these, the PW4084 intermediate case presented the most significant technical challenge.  Due to the severe radius change and curvature of the flowpath, methods needed to be developed to design airfoils along arbitrary surfaces of revolution, rather than the cylindrical or conical surfaces typical  of other axial designs.


After leaving Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Rashid began designing steam turbines for Westinghouse Power Generation in Orlando, Florida.  He was responsible for the first application of bowed blading in a Westinghouse fossil fired turbine, and the first application of bowed blading in a Westinghouse nuclear turbine, the latter being an all reaction design, without the use of an impulse control stage.  This unique design required the development of analysis techniques to study the turbine’s off-design performance characteristics while operating under partial admission conditions during valve testing.  In addition to these duties, Mr. Rashid was responsible for maintaining the meanline portion of the design system, and served as the aero contact for airfoil tolerance issues.


Mr. Rashid was then hired by Dresser-Rand Energy Systems Division (formerly the Steam Turbine, Motor, and Generator Division) in Wellsville, New York.  While employed by Dresser-Rand, he was involved in all aspects of steam turbine design and testing.  Among his regular responsibilities were the design of low pressure end reaction stages (where he developed a consistent design philosophy and completed the implementation of designs for several families of matched low pressure reaction stages), and the performance testing of production units to verify the accuracy of the design process.  This work led to such developments as a better understanding of the flowfield due to nozzle/rotor interaction in high Mach number Curtis stages, the design of a new 28” last row blade, and the design of high pressure reaction blading for retrofit into existing impulse machines.  Mr. Rashid was also involved in centrifugal compressor performance improvement programs for Dresser-Rand sister unit, the Turbo Products Division, in Olean, New York.  Finally, he was responsible for the maintenance and improvement of various portions of the design system and it’s design codes.


In August, 2001, Mr. Rashid moved to Concepts/NREC in Woburn, Massachusetts, where he was employed as a Project Manager/Staff Engineer.  In addition to continued aerodynamic support for Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine Division, he was also involved in several NASA propulsion programs, including the S.L.I. (Space Launch Initiative) TRW turbo-pump team, where he served as project manager for Concepts/NREC, and the Jupiter Icy Moon Orbiter program, where he developed the risk mitigation plan for the Concepts/NREC design.  Finally, Mr. Rashid was involved in turbine designs for a wide range of industrial and power generation applications.


On January, 1, 2004, Mr. Rashid started Advanced Turbomachine, LLC in Wellsville, New York.  It is his goal to continue to provide high quality design, testing, and consulting services to the turbomachinery industry based on his unique and varied background.


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