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Jurek Ferleger, Steam Turbine Specialist

1322 S Prairie Ave, Apt 1704, Chicago, Il 60605 

312 945 3552

Cell 321 277 8269




Turbomachinery Design

· Developed a number of blade paths for the US, European and Asian markets (50 and 60 Hz).

· Designed state-of-the-art turbine blades and airfoils.  Performed fluid flow analyses.

· Performed stress, vibration and steam flow analyses. 

· Evaluated, and tested a scaled 49 inch last stage blade for nuclear applications.

Technology Development

· Active member in Technology Integration Team between Siemens KWU and Westinghouse.

· Co-chaired Joint Development Program between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Westinghouse.

· Lead the development of a new generation of turbine blades (integral shroud and interlock construction).

· Programmed for Steam Turbine Automated Design Environment.

· Performed feasibility studies for new products.  Developed conceptual designs.

· Authored sections on new technology in Design Manuals.

Service Activities

· Supported steam turbine outages.  Provided written recommendations and repair procedures for operating fleet.

· Conducted field inspections for domestic and international customers.  Documented inspection findings.

· Addressed inquiries from field engineering.  Performed operating fleet product line evaluations.

· Conducted upgrade studies and operating assets service engineering.  Issued written recommendations.

· Consulted on torsional vibration issues for power generating utilities.

· Conducted condition assessment of operating units.  Performed operating plant repowering studies.

· Provided on-site technical support for Extended Power Uprates (EPUs) in nuclear industry.

· Evaluated and provided written recommendations for automated grease distribution system at hydroelectric power plant.

Manufacturing Support

· Addressed manufacturing non-conformances at US and foreign factories.

· Implemented manufacturing qualification process in Wuxi, China. 

· Reconciled components and assembly tolerances.  Validated engineering requirements in factory environment.

· Prepared and documented assembly procedures.  Performed tolerance stack-up analyses and trade-off studies.

· Determined geometrical rules & algorithms for electronic product definition.  The process was used to eliminate detail drawings and directly operate numerically controlled machines on factory floor.

Customer Support

· Supported sales of steam turbine components.  Presented OEM technology and products to customers.

· Lead technical and commercial meetings with customers and equipment suppliers.

· Performed risk assessment studies.

· Consulted on Root Cause Analyses (RCA).

· Authored/reviewed steam turbine procurement specifications. 

· Conducted steam turbine purchase contract negotiations.

· Developed refurbishment proposals for damaged components in operating units.

· Active member of ASME Power Division Turbine Generator Committee.

Prototype Equipment Testing

· Performed factory and field frequency verification testing of prototype designs.

· Conducted a factory and field test on 42 inch titanium blade for 3600 rpm market.

· Developed new methods for stationary frequency testing.

Cost Saving Initiatives

· Promoted and developed a composite die concept for multiple airfoils.  Approximate savings: k$200.

· Researched and evaluated forging process parameters.  This resulted in savings of $100k for each design.

· Pioneered the concept for automated diaphragm drawing which resulted in savings of $100k per year.

· Evaluated simplified fabrication process for segmental assembly design. 

· Developed and documented standard design features to reduce the cost of machined turbine components.

· Pioneered the application of ICEM interactive computer graphics into airfoil design process.

· Promoted and developed custom airfoil and blade to fit existing side entry grooves for a rotor which was re-applied in different steam flow conditions.  Rotor welding, originally anticipated, was eliminated with an approximate saving of M$1.5.

International Exposure

· Supported power plants/performed field test in Poland.  Participated in technical and commercial negotiations.

· Consulted on root cause analysis of last stage blade cracking for geothermal turbine in Italy.

· Planned, budgeted and performed field tests in Mexico. 

· Evaluated on-site turbine overhaul plans for fossil unit in Chile.

· Provided supervisory oversight during geothermal unit overhaul in El Salvador.

· Trained licensee personnel from Shanghai & Harbin Turbine Works, China, and Samsung, Korea.

· Represented Westinghouse/Siemens in technical meetings with MHI, Japan and Parsons, England.

· Witness in an international arbitration in Panama City, Panama.

· Provided permitting support for a new combined cycle unit in Israel.

· Fluent in English and Polish.  Also able to communicate in Hebrew and Spanish.


· Managed Reverse Engineering Department at GE Inspection and Repair Services facility.

· Managed overhaul and refurbishment of power generation non-OEM equipment.  Managed hourly labor.


· “Steam Turbine Interstage Seals Technology Evaluation” EPRI,  2010

· Sample Steam Turbine and Boiler Feed Turbine Procurement Specification, EPRI, 2009

· “Guidelines for Reducing the Time and Cost of T-G Maintenance Overhaul and Inspections”, EPRI, 2009

· “A Look Ahead at Operational Decisions on a Steam Turbine” EPRI TGUG presentation and paper, 2008

· Keynote Speaker at EPRI Conference in 2007: Older ST-Gen: Maintaining, Modernizing, Purchasing New Units

· “Steam Seal System Maintenance Guide” EPRI, Product ID 1013462, 2006

· “Modernization of Low Pressure Turbine Element for Chinese 200 MW Unit”, PowerGen Asia 1997

· “Steam Turbine Blades with Butted Integral Shrouds and Side Entry Roots”, American Power Conference, 1993  

· Fourteen US Patents, some also filed outside US.

· Proprietary internal publications at Westinghouse, Siemens and Sargent & Lundy.

· Confidential customer reports at GE and Sargent and Lundy.


Sargent and Lundy:

Turbine Specialist / Consultant                                                                 2006 – Present

Consulted on condition assessment and repowering studies.  Authored and reviewed steam turbine procurement specifications.  Performed bid evaluations and negotiated technical aspects of the contract.  Authored “Mechanical Engineering Standards”.  Reviewed and consulted on latest technologies/design features offered by OEMs.  Consulted on industry technical issues.  Participated in Design Reviews conducted at manufactures’ offices.

GE Repair and Inspection Services:

Turbine Engineer, Multi Vendor Services                                               2003 – 2006

Supervised the engineering group.  Coordinated overhaul and field services of power generation equipment.  Specified repair cost estimates for damaged operating plant equipment.  Developed repair procedures.

Siemens Power Corporation / Westinghouse Electric Corporation:

Senior Engineer, Service Engineering Group                                        1999 – 2003

Coordinated engineering effort with factories.  Supported field engineering and sales of replacement parts for operating power plants.  Addressed field issues.  Performed field inspections.  Member of various RCA teams.

Senior Engineer, Mechanical Sciences Group                                       1998 – 1999

Developed new products & technologies.  Trained new engineers and licensee personnel in design processes.  Coordinated research and development with external organizations.  Conducted factory and field tests.

Senior Engineer, Operating Plant Modernizations Group                    1995 – 1998

Supported marketing in upgrades of operating plants.  Designed retrofit components for operating power plants.  Prepared reports and specifications.  Performed life assessment studies.

Advanced Engineer/Senior Engineer, Blading Design Group              1989 – 1995

Designed and analyzed steam turbine blades for field retrofit and new product applications.  Major contributor towards development of standard tolerances for steam turbine components.  Managed projects.  Developed budgets.

Advanced Engineer, Product Engineering                                                        1988

Performed a role of an engineering delegate in a factory environment.  Addressed manufacturing quality issues and defects.  Researched and initiated long-term corrective actions to reduce manufacturing non-conformances. 

Associate Engineer/Engineer, Blading Development                            1981 – 1989

Designed stationary and rotating blades for state-of-the-art blade paths.  Responsible for airfoil design, fluid flow analysis, stress and vibration evaluations, drawing review, design review presentations and manufacturing follow-up.


· MS studies in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania 1981-1982

· BS Mechanical Engineering, City University, London, 1977-1980

· Short courses in: Fracture Mechanics, 1981, Fatigue Cracking, 1982, Finite Element Structural Analysis, 1984, Vibration Control, 1985, Rotor Dynamics and Balancing, 1990, Machinery Vibration Analysis, 1992, ProE, 1993,  Combustion Turbine Familiarization, 1994, Unigraphics, 2003


· Signature Award and Two Performance Awards, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

· Most Meritorious Patent Award, 1988, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

· Combat Service Award