Stephen Rashid was hired by Dresser-Rand Energy Systems Division (formerly the Steam Turbine, Motor, and Generator Division) located in Wellsville, New York in March, 1995. While employed by Dresser-Rand, he was involved in all aspects of steam turbine design and testing. Among his regular responsibilities were the design of low pressure end reaction stages (where he developed a consistent design philosophy and completed the implementation of designs for several families of matched low pressure reaction stages), and the performance testing of production units to verify the accuracy of the design process. This work led to such developments as a better understanding of the flowfield due to nozzle/rotor interaction in high Mach number Curtis stages, the design of a new 28 last row blade, and the design of high pressure reaction blading for retrofit into existing impulse machines. Mr. Rashid was also involved in centrifugal compressor performance improvement programs for Dresser-Rand sister unit, the Turbo Products Division, in Olean, New York. Finally, he was responsible for the maintenance and improvement of various portions of the design system and its design codes.



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